The Global Pandemic Exposes Societies Flaws and What can we do?

This is only one area I have decided to speak of, there are many flaws in our society that are presenting themselves in light of this pandemic. Please read and discuss in the comments if you so wish.

If people were taught in school how to grow their own food, collect their own water and create their own power, basic survival skills applicable for any human being in any society, instead or alongside the curriculum that only fits so long as the society that it applies to is functioning.

What good is Math, English and Science, and the rest, if we cannot feed, water and care for ourselves in an unforseen or seen event that takes place and stops the system that provides for us?

This global pandemic is showing many major flaws in our system, such as this.

It seems the system of society as we know it is on a cliffs edge at the moment with protests happening all over the globe in response to how we are being managed, seemingly ineffective as we keep repeating measures said to work almost 2years later.

The growing fear for survival is ever so present and instead of seeds, gardening tools and water etc being bought first, toilet paper is the first item to be in short supply... not sure whether to laugh or cry.

When they system shuts down that provides all our basic survival needs, how can there not be fear and confusion if we do not know how to survive without the system providing for us.

Why are we not taught basic survival skills during school, and no, buying lots of toilet paper will not help much with our survival, though it would seem otherwise, basic survival is paramount to any living being in the event a system that provides basic survival items fails, if the system fails, and no one knows how to survive without it, we all fail. (For the most part)

In my mind the reliance on the system providing basic survival needs instead of learning how to for ourselves, whether intended or not, needs to change.

Who will offer such a change within our current leadership system of government?

And if no one can offer this change, what can we do to work towards this change if governments will not introduce such a change? A change that sees no one miss out, and the only downside, if any, is some time and effort is needed to learn new skills that see us able to survive..

What can we do?



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