Healing is a fickle process. Some days you don’t need it, other days the wounds from our past feel fresh and the pain as well. There is no set time frame for the healing process.

Nature, mother nature, can help us with healing. Nature is always there for us, she will always listen to our feelings and can help take away our pain if we allow her too by opening up and sharing them with her.

She has no desires, no attachments, no judgements, just pure being, pure acceptance. She is beautiful, inspiring and where we come from.

Thank you mother nature for all you are and do.




Life giving
Life taking

For water signs like mine, Scorpio as well as Pieces and Cancer, it is a place that we can recharge ourselves and can give a sense of home, flush away heavy and negative energies by allowing the water to wash them off and be absorbed by this wonder of nature and reflect on things in our life.

Staring at the ocean gives a sense of neutrality, things in life go to the back of the mind and you can just be... just you and the ocean, which without we very likely would not be here.

Thank you nature 🌟💙



(The Kybalion)

Chance, luck and coincidence, are nothing more than terms to describe one or a chain of unknown cause and effect.

When you roll a dice, the number given seems like random chance or luck, but we know that there are many things that influenced the outcome. How hard you threw it, what it hit, and countless other factors, all having their effect. Nothing happens without a cause, or number of causes. We may not be able to label or understand the causes, but they exist nonetheless.

Everything we experience and perceive, is a result of cause and effect.

Can you think of anything that is not a result of cause and effect?



Cryptocurrency has potential to be the catalyst for the people realising they have more power than the 1% when they work together!

However, banks, the long standing financial backbone of our economy and society will not sit by quietly while something threatens to take over!

First economy, next society!